5 Day Countdown

How do YOU prepare for a trip? When it comes to motorcycle touring, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am a bit of a planner. For a guy who likes to take risks, planning feels a bit counter-intuitive. Yet, driven by a desire to ride the road less traveled, to find those hidden, out-of-the way gems, requires determination and diligence.

Paper Maps are a biker’s best friend. As I’ve journaled in the past, Step One of my planning generally begins at the local AAA Auto Club where I secure a handful of old-fashioned PAPER maps. When you ride roads where even GPS can’t find you, paper maps are mandatory. Plus, they unveil the roads in God’s majestic landscape most travelers either miss or simply try to avoid. Unless, of course, you ride a motorcycle.

In five short days, I will be heading out on my #2019SummerRoadTrip. While my game plan has been mostly formulated, the last few days remain still up in the air. I’ll leave those schedule decisions for later; once I am into my trip.

Seventeen wonderful days will be the length of this summer moto outing. I will be exploring #Nevada, #Idaho, #Washington, #Oregon, Northern #California (which is almost a State by itself), then down the Coast through #SanFrancisco and home.

For the majority of the trip, I will be riding solo. God, of course, will be my constant companion. Then midway, I will gain a riding companion. My wife Robin has made plans to fly to Seattle, where we will meet to celebrate our wedding anniversary #33. She will don the leathers, jump on my bike, and together we will explore the Pacific Northwest in all her splendor. Shortly thereafter, we will say our “goodbye’s” and I will turn my bike South to explore the lushness of Oregon.

For a few days in Oregon, my buddy Rick Kapko will fly in and join me on a rented #HarleyDavidson. Then with California in my sights, we will part company and I will venture into the Tall Redwoods. Wow. It is going to be spectacular.

I invite you to pray for me (safety), live vicariously through my videos and pictures, and cheer me on from afar. And if you are really daring, consider picking a spot along the way, fly in for an hour or two, and let’s share a bite to eat while we cherish the generosity of our loving Savior who makes all of this possible.

** I invite you to join me on my journey via Instagram. My moniker is costamesaman. **

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