Nacimiento Road

Video Clip > Years ago, I ran across a “bikers dream” website called Pashnit Roads.  Pashnit is a subscription-based site ($20 per year) and well worth the money.  It outlines, with extensive pictures and insider information, some of the best roads to ride throughout California. 

One of the roads Pashnit uncovered for me, was the infamous Nacimiento Road…which some say is among the Top Ten roads to ride in the United States.  Wow!  It hit the mark.  Nacimiento Road boasted a 2-hour “goat trail” ride of exhilarating pleasure. 

What made the road even more exciting was the mudslide that had occurred a few weeks earlier along Pacific Coast Highway #1.  Please don’t misunderstand me: I am NOT celebrating the mudslide.  Rather, BECAUSE of the mudslide, traffic was almost non-existent.  No traffic = smooth, unadulterated sailing. 

WARNING: The following video contains background music that might be hazardous to your health. 

The ONLY drawback, if you can call it that, was the $7.39 per gallon gas I had to pay to refuel for the turn-around trip.  The lemon bar and tuna sandwich I also picked up was a bonus and certainly a treat.  I mean, WHO DOESN’T love homemade lemon bars?

180 degree corners is common place along this 2-hour masterpiece.  I rode almost the entire distance without seeing another vehicle.  I DID however have a close encounter with a deer.  Thankfully he was happy munching on some greenery along the cliffs edge – that he failed to give me much attention as I zoomed by.  Whew!

Look closely.  Notice that the banner picture above and the picture below are NOT the same picture?  What these two pictures illustrate are the kind of turns you will repeatedly find along this blacktop gem. 

What are you waiting for?

Come on, admit it.  Just reading this post and seeing these pics is already making you drool over the thought of rolling your bike out and exploring the West Coast.  My advice: get after it!  And as you do, thank the good Lord for the gift of nature that He has given to all of us to steward and enjoy.

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