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One of the things that I love about the motorcycle industry is the flexibility to express oneself in one’s ride. Bike customization is just part of the hobby. Handlebars, saddlebags, windshields, paint schemes, lights, pipes, and more. Each serve as a launch pad for individual expression.

Some riders will add “color” to their scheme through piercings, body art (tattoos), and hair creativity. Other’s will add pizazz via the jacket they wear or the boots they don.

In my opinion, perhaps the flashiest way, and quite possibly the least expensive approach to add personality to one’s expression, is through the LID riders wear. Nothing says “individuality” like a biker’s helmet.

Recently I ventured down to Cook’s Corner, a local biker bar in Southern California, to capture some of the energy from those showcasing their vintage chopper motorcycles. While there, I walked the long row of bikes, parked alongside the road, and snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite helmets. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Which one is YOUR favorite?

So what flare of individuality will YOU treat others with this week? It could be found in the clothes you wear or better yet in how you honor those around you. The key is: Be Yourself. God has created you with a unique signature and style. So EXPRESS YOURSELF! You might just make someone’s day.

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