Thank you Chief Sharpnack

Being a Police Chief is NOT for the faint of heart. I know, because over the…


I love nature. I love the colors of nature; the smells of nature; the temperatures within…

Crater Lake

A 27 mile drive around the lake offering SPECTACULAR views of one of the oldest national…


Trees; there is something serenely peaceful about majestic toothpicks shrouded in lush greenery.

Danger: Wild Elk

Part of the intrigue of any motorcycle road trip involves encountering wildlife. Always the hope is…

C & A Customs IS Family

Sturgis 2019 was only days from her Grand Opening. Practically every motorcycle shop in the Pacific…

Bear vs Motorcycle

Prepare, prepare, prepare. In the world of motorcycle riding, the prudent rider will often rehearse in…

Rattlesnakes & Guys

What a blast! For all you motorcycle enthusiasts, Highways 129 and 3 are a MUST.

Rattlesnake Canyon – GoPro

Glimpse of Glory

Murphy's Law. STUFF happens. Today, 'ole Murph showed up.


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