A New Day for Adventure

I’ve heard it said that “change is good.” When offering advice, I’ve even encouraged others to, “Move on and keep growing.” Easy to say; hard to embrace.

Moto riding in Southern California is glorious most days. This is especially true during the Spring. The temperatures are generally cool, the bugs are at a minimum, and the flowers characteristically bloom at their full potential.

The third week of May is a marker for me.

The week before Memorial Weekend is the time of year when I knock off the cobwebs and venture out on a short, multi-day, motorcycle excursion. On the calendar, May represents the time of year when I re-acquaint my body to long hours in the saddle; and “test drive” new equipment.

In past seasons, my May riding buddy was a guy by the name of Mike White. Mike was a man to ride the river with. He lived a life full of adventure and if things ever got hanky, I knew he always had my back.

Late last year, I paid tribute to Mike after he upgraded his earthly motorcycle status for a residency in heaven. Sucks for me; great for him. This is one example of “change” that I do not like.

This past week, I returned to the road with a new friend: Rick Kapko. Rick is no stranger to motorcycles. As a seasoned rider, Rick rides his bike HARD. He is quick on the clutch and “hammer-down” on the throttle. For a man 10-years my senior, Rick can still get-after-it.

Rick on a Harley Davidson cruising the back roads of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Whenever I venture out, there is always a truth or two that I come home with. Such was the case from this weekend past.

Once again God reminded me of the truth that while change is not always eagerly welcomed, if embraced, it CAN lead to new opportunities and new adventures.

Rick and I survived our first multi-day road outing. I suspect there will be more in the future.

Losing a friend is never a fun ride. If that is the case for you, I empathize with your loss. That being said, for what it is worth, I invite you to consider honoring your friend or loved one by doing something to celebrate their memory.

Get out there and explore!

And when you’ve got a few spare minutes, please drop me a note. I’d love to hear about your discoveries.

Morro Bay, CA

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