Delays, Detours, and Rekindled Dreams

The year was 1985. I was a college graduate in search of an adventure. For years I had dreamed of riding a motorcycle up into the Alaskan panhandle to work on a commercial fishing boat. The work was dangerous but I was young, athletic, and skilled in the art of Shorinryu karate. In my mind, I had all the tools needed to earn some fast cash in the wild frontier.

At the time, I was living in the Pacific NW; working two jobs.  During the day, I worked a small landscaping business I had started; and at night I managed the bowling alley at McCord Air Force Base.  After about 9 months, I finally saved the money I needed to pursue my dream.  Alaska here I come!

But then something unexplainable happened.

I still don’t know how it occurred.  Instead of buying a new motorcycle for my adventure down at our neighborhood Harley Davidson dealership, I somehow found myself emptying my wallet at the local Ben Bridge Jeweler.  With straightforward intentionality, I kicked to the curb my Alaskan dream and decided instead to pursue…a woman.  What the heck was I thinking?

It is CRAZY what a person will do for love.

Have you ever put a dream on hold?  Ever had your plans re-routed?  Delays, detours, and even disasters are factors we ALL face in life.  When the road offers YOU a curve, how do YOU typically respond?

Fast forward twenty-nine years. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey babe, I’m thinking about buying a motorcycle.  My wife: OK.  Me: Really?  Wife: Uh-huh.  Me: Wow, that was easy.  Wife: Oh honey, the girls are all grown up now and you’ve waited long enough. Besides, you DESERVE one!  (I am pretty sure that is how the conversation went).

I seized the moment.

Utilizing social media, I fired off a Facebook message to a man who lives in South Dakota who knows a thing or two about motorcycles.  Brian Klock is internationally renowned for customizing motorcycles.  He is a man of faith and is super generous with his time and expertise.  If anyone could help set me up with a sweet ride, reminiscent of my Alaskan dream, it would be my cousin.

I still remember New Year’s Day 2014 as if it were yesterday. I was golfing with some friends, a tradition we have every year, when my cell phone rang.  Brian: Are you going to be home in about six hours?  Me:  Yeeesss.  Why?  Brian: I am going to be in your neighborhood and thought I’d drop something off.

Brian lives in South Dakota and I live in Southern California.  “Hmmmm.  I wondered.  What does he have ‘up his sleeve?'”

It felt like Christmas morning.  Six hours later, just as he had forecasted, Brian and Laura Klock rolled up to our house; and in the back of their truck was an artistically customized, Victory Vegas 8-ball motorcycle.

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? Dreams DO come true.

Take-away:  Life has taught me that delays CAN BE a good thing.  And detours ARE something God sometimes uses to hone our character; cultivate our maturity; and prepare us for new responsibilities.

Is there any chance that YOU are currently in the midst of some delay?  If so, can I offer you some encouragement?

Don’t throw in the towel.  Instead, keep moving forward.  Keep growing.   And when opportunity nudges you, rekindle that dream.

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