An Impromptu Passenger

I didn’t invite her but there she was . . . beautiful, eye-catching, captivating.  Full disclosure: for a moment or two, I was transfixed.

While rolling to work on my Vegas 8 ball, I was forced to stop at a Red Light. As I waited for the signal to turn green, I suddenly noticed that I was not alone. Without invitation, I had a visitor.  She wore a loud coat and had a shape that was unmistaken.

My riding guest was a beautiful Lady Bug; which seemed to be perfectly content sitting on top of my motorcycle gas tank.  As the rumble of my muffler vibrated the bike and tank, my new lady friend seemed unconcerned.  It was almost as if she had done this before. One might even suggest she had been waiting for me.

Bike and Bug: a perfect union.

The black, glossy paint of my bike provided a beautiful backdrop for the redish-orange color of The Lady’s back. Adding to her glamour, were the black dots which speckled her body.  She was mesmerizing.  Even her tiny legs, spread wide to maintain maximum contact, seemed to “pop” in the bright shining sun. “Good job, God. This little lady is beautiful!”

As the light turned green and I increased my speed, my lady friend, cruised right along with me.

I wasn’t the only one, it seemed, enjoying our spontaneous date.

Didn’t she know that I was transporting her to an entirely different “world.”  Wasn’t she concerned that her impromptu joy ride could throw her off course?   But then again, maybe she knew.  After all, isn’t that the point of motorcycle riding?

Motorcycle riding is equivalent to stepping onboard a space ship that transports you from one world into another.  At least, that is how it feels for me.  And on this particular morning, I was graced by the serendipitous company of one of God’s beautiful lady’s.

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