Fridays Are for Basketball

What motivates YOU to get out of bed in the morning?

Today is Friday which means one thing:  BASKETBALL.  Friday’s are for basketball.  And so out of bed I roll.

My routine is always the same: Alarm goes off at 5 AM.  Swing my butt out of bed; feet on the floor; quick prayer; throw on my gear; walk to the kitchen and mix myself a pre-sport drink of crushed ice, water, organic coconut water, and zip fizz.  Yuuuum-mmmmmy.

As I enjoy my freshly made iced concoction, I return to the back of our house where my home office is located.  There I’ll crack open my Bible and center my thoughts on what God might want to say to me as I read a few verses.

5:45 AM another alarm chimes.  It is now time to grab my duffle bag, loaded with my shoes, a basketball, reversible jersey, mouth guard, air pump, Gatorade, and athletic tape.   With the gym key in hand; out the door I roll.

For almost eighteen years, I’ve been playing ball with the same group of guys.  More recently, we’ve had some newcomers join us.  Several are Dad’s of newborns.  The circle of life is starting anew.

Officially, I am an old-timer.  I am in good company.  I am joined by a host of players with heavy waistlines and failing knees.  Yet our love of the game unites us and keeps us moving; keeps us laughing; keeps us competing; and keeps us dreaming for that day when our shot will reign pure and we “light it up” one more time.

The comradery is rich.  The basketball is still descent.  And after EVERY session, we part ways with a smile, fist bump, and an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity God gave each of us . . . to play one more time.

Again, I ask you: What motivates YOU to get out of bed in the morning?  Friends, life is too short to “sleep in.”  For what it’s worth, I urge you to get your butt out of bed tomorrow morning, EARLY, take in the sunrise, and say a short prayer – thanking God for the gift of life and the privilege to live and love, one more day.

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