Hollywood Here I Come

I always wanted to be a stuntman.  The idea of doing crazy,  heart racing, adrenaline producing feats and getting PAID for it was my boyhood dream.  I figured I had a pretty good shot at making it in the business too.

Growing up as kid, I spent a LOT of time around horses. My parents tell me that I was riding a horse before I could walk.  Consequently, I’ve been kicked, bit, dragged, bucked off,  rolled over on, had my nose bloodied and butt blistered from the HOURS I’ve spent on a horse.  Heck, my Grandpa Decker used to bring home semi-wild Stallions and put my cousin Susie and I on their backs just so he could say at the sale barn, “My grandkids have ridden that horse!”

Hollywood HAD to be looking for a horseman like me.  Add to the mix, my long black hair, stealth, bareback riding skills, and chiseled, athletic body…I was one boot up.  Or so I thought.

Stuntmen take road trips.

In an effort to hone my promising stunt career, my buddies and I would travel long distances, across State-lines just to go cliff diving off the rock peaks along the St. Croix River or the Sandstone Ridges of Lake Byllseby.   We laughed at those who warned us against the dangers of injury.  If danger was in the mix, then we were “all in.”

No thrill was off limits. 

I LOVED to “push the envelope.”  If you had an idea that even HINTED at the possibility of raising my pulse, I was IN.

And just when I had things ALL figured out . . .

Have you ever experienced a detour?  You know, just when all your dominoes get lined up and the path laid out, someone . . . SOMEONE UPSTAIRS . . . calls an audible?

That is what happened to me.

God had other plans.  “God you want me to do WHAT?  No stinkin’ way!  You’ve got the WRONG guy.  I’m headed for Hollywood.”

How do YOU respond to change?

I used to hate audibles.  But over the years I have learned that God’s audibles are what makes life interesting.  I’ve learned that God CAN BE trusted in the detours; and that surrendering my plans to His is ALWAYS the BEST option.

Easy to do?  Heck no.  But a road trip without unexpected twists and turns is BORING!  Wouldn’t you agree?  

So here is the question of this post: Are YOU facing any detours these days?  If so, can I offer you a word of encouragement?

Trust Jesus.

It is VERY likely that HIS plan is even BETTER than the one you originally had in mind.  And WAY more thrilling.

Meet my buddy Joey Anaya.  He is a REAL-LIFE Hollywood Stuntman.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT) 5Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.


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