People Watching

When you look at people, what captures your attention? Their tattoos? Hair color? The car they drive?

For me, I confess that I am a “shoe guy.” When I “people watch,” the first thing I usually notice is a person’s footwear.

Years ago, while observing the action of the Daily Pilot Cup, a local soccer tournament for grade schoolers, I noticed a parent standing on the sidelines watching his daughter compete. I was so enthralled with the shoes that he was wearing, that it wasn’t until I was next to him, that I realized the man wearing the “cool looking shoes” was Kobe Bryant (NBA basketball star). We exchanged smiles.

Did you know that Jesus is a people-watcher too? But unlike me, who focuses on a person’s outside, Jesus looks within. Jesus, the Bible tells us, looks at a person’s heart.

Question: What do you think Jesus sees, when He looks at you? Before you answer that, can I offer you some Good News?

Whatever the condition of your heart, Jesus sees your potential. Yes, you and I undoubtedly have sin that lingers inside us; but Jesus has the capacity to look past all of our shortfalls. He sees us at the core of who God designed us to be: His child.

Today, I invite you to soak in the truth that Jesus loves you and invites you to join Him on mission.

Luke 6:27 As Jesus left the town, He saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at his tax collection booth. “Come, be My disciple!” Jesus said to him. So Levi got up, left everything, and followed Him.

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