Mamma Moose, Baby Moose

Cruising through the Rocky Mountain National Park is ALWAYS special. The air is fresh. The roads, during the summer months, boast clean blacktop. And you are almost guaranteed to see a variety of wildlife.

Due to Covid-19 protocol, reservations had to made prior to entry; on the government website. Six weeks earlier I secured our pass. Our window of entry: 8-10 AM.

Managing the number of tourists in the park is actually a good thing. Fewer automobiles mean more pristine conditions for riding. And this day hit the mark.

Immediately, upon entry into the park, we were welcomed by a rafter of wild turkeys. Too early for Thanksgiving, we took our customary tourist pics, then continued down the road.

The scenery within the park is breath taking. Wide open meadows, pristine lakes, flowing streams, lush forest greenery, and the majestic Tetons as a backdrop. Every stop invites multiple pictures and encourages a little snack eating.

What is THAT? Up ahead of us, on the road, were two animals. At first glance, I thought they were horses. But as we drew closer, it was obvious that the animals we were seeing were a Mamma Moose with her baby. The fact that her “baby” was the size of a VW Bug car made the pair all the more impressive.

As we rolled up behind them, Mamma glanced over her shoulder and took a SLOW look at us. Thankfully, baby meandered into the meadow and started kicking up his heels and dancing delightfully; with Mamma following.

The pair were majestic. What a treat.

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