Getting Lost

Today was a good day.  After checking into my lodge and off-loading some gear, with a few hours of daylight still on the horizon, I decided to do some exploring.  Whenever you look at a paper map, the best roads for exploring are usually a single black line.  This line represents “the path less traveled.”  For a motorcyclist, that is MONEY.

I sent my wife a picture of the road that I was going to venture onto; in the event that I went missing.  25 miles into my mountain excursion, I was glad I did.

Things got a little sketchy…which always adds a measure of fun into the mix.

There was no cell phone reception.  At one point, the paved road turned gravel which is never a good thing for a cruiser.  The stream crossing required some skill.  But what REALLY raised my eyebrows, about one-half mile into the dirt stretch, was when I rolled by a group of guys with guns.  In anti-motorcycle fashion, I chose not to stop and chat.

The posted sign warned me of cow calves on the road but said nothing of BOBCATS!  Aren’t wild cats supposed to be scared of loud machinery?

Why would a Bobcat go into the woods but then back onto the road three times?  Aren’t there enough trees to be used for a scratchy post or does my leather-covered leg simply look too inviting to run away from?

After a bit of a dance, gratefully the CAT chose to scurry into the woods.  I thought about taking a picture while we were in a stare-down but the cat seemed a little too curious.  I hope you won’t hold it against me that I chose to keep my hand on the engine throttle instead of the camera? I shot a short VIDEO CLIP of the area that can be seen HERE.

When was the last time that YOU did something out of the mainstream?  How long has it been since you ate at a new restaurant or went swimming at night in your neighborhood lake or Ocean?

Will YOU dare to “Get Lost?”

Take Away: Can I offer you a suggestion?  I invite you to consider rolling down to your local AAA office, pick up some paper maps of YOUR State, and start planning a trip to an area you have never visited before.  Getting lost doesn’t have to be complicated.  It is actually quite easy.

Drop me a line.  I’d love to hear about YOUR latest excursion.

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