Hell Fighters

Meet Bennie and Dennis.

Bennie is on the left. Dennis is in the middle.

Bennie is 73; Dennis is two years younger.

The comradery and friendship the two men share is deep. The smiles on their faces showcase a joy that runs deeper. When you hear their story, it is easy to understand why.

If you’ve ever traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota, for a motorcycle rider, getting a picture in front of “the Sturgis Sign” is almost as big a deal as a picture in front of Mt. Rushmore or the Needles Eye Tunnel. All three locations are legendary and tell a story. On this occasion, one more story was given birth.

I met Bennie and Dennis in Sturgis, South Dakota this past Rally. They were standing in front of the “East Entrance” Sturgis sign; offering to take pictures for every biker wanting one.

Bennie and Dennis are brothers. NOT blood brothers, per se, but spiritual brothers. Both Bennie and Dennis have had their lives changed by the love and forgiveness of Jesus and it is THIS bond that connects them.

For TWELVE years . . . Bennie has been venturing to Sturgis. For a guy from Olive Branch, Mississippi THAT is an impressive feat.

What draws them to Sturgis?

One might think it is the motorcycles.

That is true, in part. But when you peel back the layers of Bennie and Dennis’ story, you will learn that a GREATER mission drives them.

What is this mission you ask?

Bennie and Dennis trek to Sturgis “every year” to encourage, support, listen, counsel, and even pray with any biker who could use an infusion of hope and good news. And from my brief encounter with them, they are pretty good at this.

Have a Safe Journey” the caption read, on the Orange Pamphlet which Dennis handed me. As I turned the booklet over, to read the verbiage typed on the BACK cover, this poem captured my attention:

“Heaven’s Sweet.

Hell’s Hot.

You’re Going to One.

Ready or Not.”

Pretty straightforward.

Hell fighters they are.

Jesus has changed the lives of both men. And because of this simple truth, their goal is to share a little of God’s love with those of us in the biker world . . . one picture at a time.

To learn more about Bennie and Dennis’ ministry, you can reach them by email: info@hellfighters.org or visit their webpage: www.hellfighters.org

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