Friends N.A.B.

This summer, while on my 25-day motorcycle road trip, my northern-most destination was Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  One purpose for traveling that far North involved participating in some leadership meetings called “The Bonfire.”  While in Edmonton, I had opportunity to spend some brief moments with some longtime ministry friends.

Meet Jim Renke 

Jim Renke Facebook

Jim and I went to Seminary together 30 years ago.  Back in the day, there were two things that made Jim stand out from the pack: 1) his gifted Bible preaching, and 2) his pointed cowboy boots.  Now a-days, Jim still preaches and wears his pointy boots.  But best of all, Jim loves riding motorcycles.  

As a fellow blogger, here is a recent post Jim wrote called, “5 Things I Experienced in 3045 Motorcycle Miles.”  Check it out.Credit:

Meet Dennis Gulley

Credit: Dennis Gulley Facebook

Dennis is the token Canadian in this bunch. When it comes to loving people outside the church walls, Dennis is a natural.  His personality oozes kindness (which is a Canadian trait) and his love for Jesus is showcased everyday in the way he coaches and serves those around him. 

Beside both being pastors, Dennis and I also share something else in common. 

We both LOVE Fifendekel pies. 

Fifendekel’s is one of the hottest Pie and Sandwich joints in ALL of Edmonton.  Fortunately for me, my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins are owners of this delicious, four-location Pie Shop Café.  Lucky me.  Sorry Dennis.  

If your motorcycle travels ever lead you into Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I HIGHLY recommend you stop into Fifendekel’s for a sandwich, soup, and DEFINITELY a piece of their Saskatoon Rhubarb Pie ala-mode.  It will be an experience you will tastefully savor.

Meet Chris Gorman 

Credit: Chris Gorman Facebook

Chris (and his wife Kristi) are friends who followed me at my first church in Madison, South Dakota; after I left for California.  Like Dennis, Chris shares a tremendous heart for the community in which he lives.  He is what we would call a City Shareholder.  Chris is a superstar who distinguishes himself from others in vocational ministry by his capacity to organize, lead, mentor, and coach pastors.  He loves Jesus and is a leader among leaders.  Well done, brother.  I am proud of you.

Meet Dan Heringer 

Out of the five of us, Dan is THE legend in this group.  His laugh is easy and his love for the Lord is deep.  He is a phenomenal listener and for a Texan, is amazingly humble. 

Over the past twenty-five years, Dan has personally invested busloads of his time, energy, and sponsorship into my life; as well as many other budding leaders.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure how I was so fortunate to land in Dan’s sphere of influence; but I thank God that I did.  Dan and I have served on numerous leadership posts together and broken break more times than I can count.  His only real flaw:  he loves the Dallas Cowboys.  Ugh.

Credit: Daniel Herringer Facebook

Would you join me in this quick prayer:  “Heavenly Father, please pour out on Jim, Dennis, Chris and Dan: Your Divine favor.  In Your generosity, please increase their capacity to love their wives; to stay faithful to their Calling; and to experience an expanded influence among those whom they lead, love, and serve.  Amen.”

Boys, it was good seeing each of you this summer.  Keep stirring it up!

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