A Taste of Nebraska

Video Clip >  9 days from now, in 208 hours, I will be climbing aboard my bike and setting out on the longest road trip of my life to date.  My routes have been mostly determined.  My daily destinations largely forecasted.

For the seasoned motorcyclist, it doesn’t take much open road to produce a smile on one’s face.  All it really takes is some wide open greenery, trustworthy asphalt, and a vacancy of other traffic. 

When navigating a paper map, what you always want to look for…are the little BLACK lines.  Translation: these black lines represent black top roads off the mainstream commute.  

Traveling in Nebraska is always a bit dangerous.  Their roads are generally pristine; which usually translates to high speeds.  For my entire life, I have also known Nebraska to be home of a busload of smokies | cop’ers | highway patrol.  On this particular day of riding, Nebraska’s reputation did not disappoint.  As is often the case for me when traveling through this flat state, once again the “lights are flashing” behind me.

While I don’t have any quality footage of me having a gentleman’s conversation with one of Nebraska’s finest, what I can give you is a taste of a Nebraska back road.  Enjoy.  I certainly did.





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