Good People: Part 3 of 4

Brian Klock is a legend in the motorcycle industry.  He has gained international fame as a bike builder.  He is included among the Hamster community which is the equivalent to the NFL and MLB Hall of Fame for professional football and baseball contributors.  He is an entrepreneurial genius AND the original designer of the FLARE windshield: a motorcycle accessory that has revolutionized the cycling industry. 

Brian also happens to be my first cousin.  HIS mom and MY dad were siblings.  

Who would YOU call if your motorcycle broke down in the middle of Montana without a remedy?

Sturgis 2018 was one week away.  This complicated things.   I knew that Brian and his Klockwerks Krew were busy setting up their tents in preparation for the half-million motorcyclists that were about to descend upon the Black Hills.  While my cousin is always available to lend a helping hand, getting a hold of him is usually a different story.  He is one busy guy.

He didn’t answer his phone.   

Gene Slater did.

Photo credit: Tony Maniscalchi

In cowboy lingo, Gene Slater is a man to “ride the river” with. When you have a problem to get fixed, Gene is your man.  With Brian unavailable, my next phone call was to Gene.  Not surprisingly, things started into motion.

< Gene Slater is one of Brian’s closest friends and longtime motorcycle compadres.  Like BK, he too is a Hall-of-Fame Hamster. 

Forty-five seconds later, Brian was on the phone.  And with that, we were off and running.

The Midwest is populated with Good People.  Having lived in urban California for nearly three decades, I had forgotten how eager most rural Midwesterners are to lend a helping hand.

The communication web started to expand.

The Montana Rodeo cowboy circuit were brought into the communication loop.  Does anyone have an empty horse trailer they could send to Saco to transport a motorcycle?

Before long, I was on the phone with an Omaha, Nebraska businessman.  “Mike,” Jack said.  “I have someone coming to pick you up.  He is 90 miles away from you, so just sit tight.”  

Josh Kuper to the Rescue

Josh Kuper is a Montana native.  Thus, he is VERY familiar with the scenic backroads less traveled.  As a harsh thunderstorm gave us a watery Saco sendoff, the lush Montana landscape turned green in response. 

Montana was showcasing her glory. 

The miles ticked off.  Sunset turned out the lights. Josh and I regaled each other with stories of our travels.  We both had many to share.

Our conversation came easy.  We talked about his work on the North Dakota oil fields.  We talked about our families.  We talked about football.  We even talked a bit about our faith. 

I felt at ease with Josh.  And as we rolled on through the night, I knew that we were not alone.  God’s protective hand and Presence was ever near us.

What’s Up ‘Cuz?

It was dark when Josh and I rolled into Miles City, Montana.  And right on cue, as we pulled into our Fuel Stop, we were welcomed by none other than Mr. Klockwerks himself.  Brian had left Rapid City, South Dakota four hours earlier to make the exchange. 

My cousin Tony Klock lent us his new pick-up. 

Thanks TK!  Sorry about the bugs.

After a late bite and short night of sleep at the exceptional Sleep Inn & Suites, Brian and I were back on the road.  Our destination: Sturgis.


Brian DEFINITELY has a little bit of Eddie Decker and a whole lot of Roger Klock running through his veins.  “Mike, did you see THAT?  I’ve GOT to turn around!” 

Don’t be surprised if you see this little gem pulling one of Klockwerks long bed trailers at some Moto Expo in the future. She IS pretty, is she not?

The Final Chapter: Good People – Part 4 of 4 is coming.


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