A New Day for Adventure

The week before Memorial Weekend is the time of year when I knock off the cobwebs and venture out on a short, multi-day, motorcycle excursion. On the calendar, May represents the time of year when I re-acquaint my body to long hours in the saddle; and “test drive” new equipment. This past week, I returned to the road with a new friend: Rick Kapko. … Continue readingA New Day for Adventure

Friends N.A.B.

This summer, while on my 25-day motorcycle road trip, my northern-most destination was Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  One purpose for traveling that far North involved participating in some leadership meetings called “The Bonfire.”  While in Edmonton, I had opportunity to spend … Continue readingFriends N.A.B.

Getting Lost

Today was a good day.  After checking into my lodge and off-loading some gear, with a few hours of daylight still on the horizon, I decided to do some exploring.  Whenever you look at a paper map, the best roads … Continue readingGetting Lost