Winter Surprises

Have you ever stood outside for any length of time in sub-zero temperatures? Even when wearing the appropriate clothing, the experience can be less-than-pleasurable.

But then…LOVE WARMS EVERYTHING! And this festive occasion was not about to be thwarted by a few negative numbers. As long as no-one stuck their tongue on a metal pole, we’d all be just fine. … Continue readingWinter Surprises

The Desert Madness is ON

Looking for something to help recharge your batteries?  I’d love for you to join me and the guys out in 29 Palms:  November 9-11, 2018.  VIDEO promo…   Please share this:105

Mike White Video Tribute

My riding buddy, Mike White, took a moto trip last weekend; without me. His destination: Heaven.  Now THAT is a trip of a lifetime!   Please share this:105

Mike White

Motorcycling is a social sport.  Riding a speeding bullet at ANY time, for ANY occasion is definitely thrilling.  It is ten-times better when you have a buddy to share that joy with.  Meet Mike White Mike White is NOT your … Continue readingMike White


When YOU ride, what is YOUR snack preference?  VIDEO > Without question, a road trip for me is incomplete without at least two, 6 ounce boxes of the pink and white candy snack called “Good and Plenty” stuffed in my … Continue readingSNACKS